Making Beads from Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

Want a fun way to hide the evidence after you’ve devoured a box of Girl Scout cookies? Turn that box into upcycled jewelry.

It’s a simple process to turn Girl Scout cookie boxes (or any boxes for that matter) into handmade beads. Here’s how we made some one rainy afternoon:

How to Make Beads out of Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

1. Cut the box open so that it lies flat, brown side up. Cut off flaps.

2. With a ruler, make marks at even intervals (1/2 inch to 1 inch apart). The width will be the final length of your bread

3. On the opposite edge, make marks between those. Draw lines to connect (forming isosceles triangles) then cut.

4. Straighten a paper clip.

5. Beginning with the bottom edge and colored side down, roll the strip around the paper clip tightly to form the bead. Add a small amount of glue at the tip of the triangle to hold. You may need to press it together for a few minutes.

6. Repeat with a new strip.

7. When paper clip is full, insert it into an egg carton or piece of Styrofoam to hold.

8. Cover beads with a coat or two of waterproof Modge Podge sealer.

9. When beads are dry, string onto jewelry elastic.


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