Exciting Start to Our Scout Year

In my day job I’m used to planning for everything and then switching gears. Not so much in scouts.

Our second Cadette year though is totally different.

We started with a plan. Our kickoff meeting included learning about 3d printing. Then we were going to kick it into high gear and get ready for our big CSA campout the council offers. Fall semester = done.

But then we got a surprise few scouts. As in New to Girl Scouts scouts.

That doesn’t usually happen in middle school but I’m loving it!!

Coupled with family schedule conflicts, a kid back on crutches again (ahem), and a desire to do Silver, we imploded our calendar.

We turned to service and journeys for fall. This month and next we are making baby’s first Halloween costumes for a local hospital’s NICU babies. I was inspired by a story I saw last fall out of Kansas City. Our girls loved the idea and the hospital is thrilled! It’s a little bit of joy we can offer during a tough time.

We also took one girl for her first time at an Honor Flight. It never ceases to move us!

At the end of the month we’re taking a girl on her first camping trip. This girl is still relatively new to the country and has never had smores! To see the look on her face when we described it:

“Do you like chocolate?”

Smiles. “Yes.”

“Do you like marshmallows?”

Bigger smile. “Yes.”

Do you like graham crackers?

Big grin. “Yes.”

“You are going to love smores!”

It’s going to be a great fall.

How is your scouting year starting out?

One comment

  1. I also joined girl scouts in middle school, everyone else had to catch me up, but I had a great time. Now I have my own troop of daisies brownies and juniors. The juniors are finishing up their bronze award and we are going to try the new engineering journey. Can’t wait to see them all working together! Hope you have a great year, sounds like you’ll be very busy!


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