What a new leader needs to know

Dear New Girl Scout leader,

I’m so glad you’re taking this adventure on and leading new Girl Scouts. I can tell you how Girl Scouts develops amazing leaders for our future, but as a mom I know you’re really worried about the present: that is your daughter.

So many of us start as leaders because we want girls getting as an experience for her daughters. What you don’t know is that you will gain many more daughters along the way. You’ll be there to prop up the girl who hides under the table at meetings. You’ll be there to dust off scrapes and bruises and maybe even breaks. You’ll lift them up in heartbreak.

But here’s what you’ll get. That girl who hides under the table will one day be the main character in a local play. The klutzy girl we’ll find her grace. The girl saddened by broken home will find a larger family among her Scouts. And you will be another mom.

I’ll be honest there will be rough days. You’ll deal with scattered parents and late-night texts. You may struggle with volunteers and responses. You’ll find there are days when even adults don’t live up to the lofty Girl Scout Law.

But the rewards, oh they are so worth it. I’ve loved watching my daughter and her friends grow. I’ve been blessed to see them develop their gifts and stand up for others. If I can be some small part of making the world a better place, I’m all in.

Your sister in Girl Scouts,

Robbie at Use Resources Wisely


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