Help Our Girls Get to the National Convention!

I have a couple of dedicated Cadettes who truly are “Scouting.” They are the ones first to step up to volunteer.

They are the ones who are first to camp, to show to events, to live out the Girl Scout law, to give. They’ve collected shoes for tornado victims, helped make shoes for children in Uganda, supported two Haitian girls for a year of school from a jewelry sale as Juniors, and engaged their school to help create more than 200 bedtime bags for homeless teens for their Bronze Award.

They’re leaders, not just in scouts. Several of them plan and lead young girls in the church Little Flowers group each week; they do theatre; they give countless hours at church.

They’re awesome kids. The kind who make me hopeful for our future.

And I’d love to do something for them.

My girls would love to spend a day at the Girl Scout National Convention next fall in Ohio. We’d like to make a day trip (although a long day trip) out of it. But they have some challenges.

My girls aren’t from families with lots of extra income. They’re from large families, or  from families who have been going through tough times. And while it’s easy to say “Sell cookies to pay for it,” we also know it can be a tough proposition. The crushed look on one girls’ face when I said we’d have to step up sales (she splits with three other Girl Scouts in her family, and a new baby is due at Christmas) broke my heart. I know that they are tapped out in every way.

So we’re asking for your help to jump start us.

Help Our Cadettes go to the national convention

I’ll be frank. This is a hobby blog, more for my sharing ideas and my love of Girl Scouting than a “get rich project.” But we also know there will be a wee bit of shopping this coming week. 

So I’m asking you a favor. If you’re planning to do any holiday shopping on Amazon, would you mind using my affiliate link for your purchase? I receive a small percentage of the sales (at no extra cost to you) and will donate anything earned through the end of the month toward sending these girls to the national convention.

Please help me give an awesome experience for these girls.

Help our girl scouts go to the national convention

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