Farmers Market: A Great Place to Work on Badges

Taking your Brownie troop (or just your scout for starters) to the farmer’s market is a great, practically free way to meet Brownie badge requirements.
Budget-friendly and a great way to connect with your community, not to mention local, farmer’s markets are a great resource to look into if you’re trying to creatively wrap up some badge requirements.

Leader tip: Don’t worry that it’s already August – many farmers markets are open year-round! Or look for a winter market in your community.)

I never thought about using farmer’s markets in that regard, until my then-Brownie¬†decided she wanted to earn the Money Manager Brownie badge. Trouble was, other girls didn’t agree, so we decided we’d work on it from home. We were able to complete requirements one and two – shopping for items (practicing making change) and grocery shopping – in our weekly trip to our local farmer’s market.

I gave my daughter my weekly budget and let her determine what we’d be buying. Noting the cantaloupe and watermelons as we walked in, I told her to mark the price and she’d have to make sure she’d have it at the end of the shopping trip, as I wasn’t about to carry both melons around the booths! We talked as we went about differences in prices and what was better deals, etc. She actually enjoyed taking charge of the shopping list – and to be honest, the money – and I was so happy that the vendors were so patient with her as she made her choices.How to earn Brownie Girl Scout Badges at the farmers market. Easy and cheap field trip idea!

Leader tip: Plan your trip for the last hour of the farmer’s market, as shoppers are often fewer. It’s easier to track your girls and the vendors may be able to help your girls more.

More Brownie Badge Requirements You Can Meet at the Market

Other Brownie badges you can work on at the farmer’s market – or after you’ve completed your shopping:

My Best Self: 

  • Activity #2 – Try three new foods that are good for you.


  • Activity #3: Try sniffing out three different foods.
  • Activity #4: Do a taste test with salty, sweet, bitter and sour foods.

Snacks badge:

  • Activity #1: What’s in that snack – talk with vendors about what’s in their jams, salsas, breads or granola.
  • Activity #2: Make a veggie face.
  • Activity #3: Create a snack for a group – like fruit kebabs!

What local resources have you tapped into for creatively meeting badge requirements for your troop?


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