Could Your Girl Scout Earn the 1920s Cooking Badge?

My Girl Scout is a foodie. She’s been watching Food Network before she knew her ABCs and loved watching a local scout compete on Rachel Ray’s cooking show.

She had fun doing the Snacks badge as a Brownie, but wasn’t impressed with the Simple Meals badge as a Junior. So we turned to a 1980s Exploring Foods badge, which she enjoyed.

Then we turned back the clock a little more and got our hands on an older retired one (from the 1963-1980 period) and a photocopy of the requirements.  My daughter is 90 percent done with that.

So just for fun, I pushed her. We downloaded a copy of the 1920 Scouting for Girls and saw the requirements for the Cook badge.
1920 Girl Scout Handbook,  Kindle edition free on amazon
Could your scout earn a century-old Cooking badge? Let’s find out.

Cooking badges in 1920s, 1980s and 2010s. Could you earn the 1920s Girl Scout cooking badge?

How many of these 13 requirements could you master today?

  1. Girl Scout Cook badge, 1918-1927
    Girl Scout Cook badge, 1918-1927

    Build and regulate a fire in a coal or wood stove, or if a gas range is used know how to regulate the heat in the oven, broiler and top.

  2. What does it mean to boil a food? To broil? To bake? Why is it not advisable to fry food?
  3. How many cupfuls make a quart? How many tablespoonfuls to a cup? Teaspoonfuls to a tablespoon?
  4. Be able to cook two kinds of cereal.
  5. Be able to make tea, coffee and cocoa properly.
  6. Be able to cook a dried and a fresh fruit.
  7. Be able to cook three common vegetables in two ways.
  8. Be able to prepare two kinds of salad. How are salads kept crisp?
  9. Know the difference in food value between whole milk and skimmed milk.
  10. Be able to boil or coddle or poach eggs properly.
  11. Be able to select meat and prepare the cuts for broiling, roasting and stewing OR be able to clean, dress and cook a fowl.
  12. Be able to make two kinds of quick bread, such as biscuits or muffins.
  13. Be able to plan menus for one day, choosing at least three dishes in which leftovers may be utilized.

We were at 9 out of 13. How did you fare?

One comment

  1. I love these older requirements. Some of the newer badges barely require any knowledge or effort to get a badge. It’s not the badge, it’s the experience and what you learn! Thank you for sharing!


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