Get Moving: Running Around Games

Sometimes, you just have to burn off some energy….Here are three twists on tag to get your scouts running around.


Turtle Tag

One person will be It. When It comes near, players lie on their backs with arms and legs raised in the air, like a turtle on its back, to avoid being tagged. As soon as It has gone by, they can keep running again. If you are tagged, you are the new It.

Stuck in the Mud

We all know this game from childhood, but if you’re feeling a bit rusty: One person is It. It has to tag other players. Players who are tagged are “stuck in the mud.” Players have to stay where they are when they were tagged, with their legs apart. Those players who aren’t stuck can free people who are stuck in the mud, by crawling through their legs. Once players are freed, they can run around again.

Back to Back Tag

Like the previous two games, It chases the other players. Players are safe for five seconds only when they stand back-to-back, elbows linked, with another player. As soon as they feel safe, or their five seconds are up, separate and run in free space until It comes near again. Then find a new partner and stand back-to-back. If you are tagged, you are the new It.


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