Why I’m Thankful for Being a Leader

I have 20 daughters and love them all.

Some were part of my life for a year or two,  others I’ve seen grow since kindergarten. My girls,  the current and past members of my Girl Scout troop, are all blessings in my life.


I’ve seen the girl who was so scared that she hid under the cafeteria table become part of the church choir and be in plays.

I’ve seen my daughter blossom and become a leader, willing to step up and assist with younger trips at a moment’s notice.  She can’t wait for the day she becomes a camp aide.

I’ve seen girls grow in so many ways.  We’ve laughed, we’ve cried,  we’ve mourned, we’ve prayed.  They share their joys and news with me at school, at meetings, at church. And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Sure,  there are paperwork headaches,  and parents who don’t read our respond to messages, or days when the fields make you want to say “huh?”

But watching my girls evolve into amazing women is more than worth it.

Why are you thankful for being a leader?

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