gallery Amazon Deals: Cookbooks for Thinking Day

Thinking Day. Let’s be honest. What haunts many of us most is what to cook. Never fear.

If you’re open to searching, you can find so many unique international cookbooks for your Kindle reader on Amazon. Here are some of the cookbooks currently listed as free on Amazon: (Please note, prices can change at any time.)

Heritage of Home: Traditions and Recipes of a Norwegian Christmas

The Tasty Things: Turkish Home Cooking – No It’s Not Kebab

Argentinian Paleo Cookbook: The most Southern Latin flavours recipes to keep you energized

The Best Jamaican Cooking: Vegan, Paleo & More! (West Indian Recipes Book 5)

Easy Vietnamese Cookbook (Vietnamese Recipes, Vietnamese Cookbook, Vietnamese Cooking, Easy Vietnamese Cookbook, Easy Vietnamese Recipes, Vietnamese Food 1)

Vietnamese Cuisines for the Busy Home Cook



The Sardinian Cookbook: The Cooking and Culture of a Mediterranean Island (Sardinia is the lesser known of Italy’s two main islands.)

Jamaican Cookbook – 25 Easy, Delicious and Authentic Jamaican Recipes: From Ackee and Salt fish to Jerk Chicken

Please note, these include affiliate links. If you purchase a book that is no longer listed as free, I may receive a percentage of sales that help support our scouting adventures. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

What recipes were favorite finds from Thinking Day celebrations? Share your ideas below!

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