gallery Easy Halloween Game: Bag of Bones

Needing a no-fuss emergency game for your Halloween party at school or scouts? Look no further than making a few bags of bones.

We’ll be doing double-duty this week by using this with our Halloween party with the Juniors and visiting Brownies, and with my son’s Wolf Cub Scout meeting.

The Bag of Bones game can be an individual or relay activity, depending on the size of your group.Skeleton relay race for Halloween classroom party or troop event

Here’s what you’ll need to create your Bags of Bones:

  • a few sheets of white cardstock
  • paper lunch bags
  • straws for each child

Print several simple skeletons on the white cardstock. (I prefer a friendlier version of a skeleton for younger scouts, though older kids may prefer a creepier version.)

Cut the skeletons into pieces and place each set in a lunch bag, labeled “Bag of Bones.”

To play the game:

The game can be played as a relay with teams or with individuals.

Each player needs a drinking straw to “suck up” the pieces.

Players dump their bones out onto a table. Using the straw, they pick up the bones and take them to another table.

If a player drops a bone, they need to use the straw to pick it up and hold it again.

The first player or team to get all of their bones moved and reassembled correctly wins.

When playing with teams, players rotate who carries the bones.



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