Saving money on camp meals and cooking badges with apps

Girl Scout smartphone appsYou may be an expert at saving money on groceries.  But are you applying those same principles on your troop expenses?

While you can be an avid coupon clipper,  I prefer to stick to clutter-free apps to help me save. Here are some that have helped me save those hard-earned cookie proceeds along the way.

Ibotta is a free app that pays you cash for buying groceries like milk,  eggs,  cheese, produce and branded groceries like cereal or granola bars. The nice thing is I can cash it out later for a gift card to Walmart for groceries or to offset gas from all my scouting errands! (Not on Ibotta yet? You can check out my referral link and get a bonus for signing up!)

Cartwheel is the discount app from Target. I live this because I can pair it with coupons including my pharmacy 5% off purchase coupon I get in the mail!

WalMart’s savings app also helps, as you can get rebates based on sale prices from competitors.

mPlaces is my new toy. You earn points for checking into locations. Those points can eventually be cashed in for gift cards.

Are there other apps that help you save funds for yourself or your troop activities? Please share them below!

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