Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

How to make this Knotted Hemp Bracelet - You just need to know one knot and you're set!“Macrame” may bring back flashes of the 70s, but these knotted hemp bracelets are an easy, quiet activity your girls can work on during downtime at Girl Scout camp or in a meeting for the Junior Jewelry badge.

For each bracelet you need:
2 strands of hemp cord 65″ & 30″ long
6 pony beads (1 will be for the closure)

To make the bracelet,  fold both stands of hemp in half.  Hold the two midpoint together and tie them together in a loop about 1/3″ long. Tape it to a board or table.
Put the shorter two strands in the middle of the longer two.

(Hint: String the beads on the center strings,  and pull the beads down the string as you work. )

Lay the left outside strand over the middle two strands then under the right outside stand, forming a “four” shape. Tutorial for knotted hemp bracelet for Junior Jewelry Badge

Then bring the right outside stand under the middle two stand and up through the loop of the “four.” Pull the ends of the strings tight. This makes the knot.Girl Scout knotted bracelet tutorial - macrame - for jewelry badge

Repeat this step,  starting with the left outside string, to make the twist.

To add a bead,  slip it up the middle two stands, then tie the knot.Girl Scout knotted bracelet tutorial

When your bracelet is done, slide last pony bread on middle strings and make several knots combining the strings.  Knotted bracelet for Girl Scout Jewelry Badge requirementsCut excess thread and seal with clear nail polish if desired.



  1. Thank you for sharing this project. It brought back great memories of summer camp and Girl Scouts. It’s my featured project at this week’s Creatively Crafty Link Party, so feel free to drop by and pick up your featured button. Thanks again! #ccbg


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