How the Girl Guides Won the War

Girl Scout and Girl Guide HistoryHow the Girl Guides Won the War is one of my favorite history books of all time.

I love how it shows the strength of teenage girls and young women through trying times: wars, concentration camps, etc. And through them, Guides around the world empowered girls and the communities around them through most difficult circumstances. It’s inspiring to see how these young women stepped up to serve during times of crisis

While today’s girls are learning about fingerprinting for their Detective badge, yesterday’s Scouts and Guides were serving as spies.

While today’s girls are making comfort kits for kids in hospitals, yesterday’s Girl Guides were comforting children in concentration camps.

While today’s girls grumble about lack of showers at their overnight campout, yesterday’s Girl Guides were camping not far from war zones, without even blinking.

Is it a sign of our times?

What saddens me is comparing these guides with today’s girls. Too often troops are little more than play groups. I think it’s less about the girls than the potential we want to see in them.

What do you think?

How the Girl Guides Won the War is Becoming a Movie!

I’m so excited about this potential! Lionsgate is in the early stages of developing a movie based on the book.



  1. There’s still war going on in this world, except we are sheltered from it. We should just consider ourselves fortunate that we don’t have to experience those hard times. In fact, there was some stat that I read that said to be in to top 1 percent in the world, you need to earn at least $47,000 household income. Well that’s below average here in the states, so that shows you how sheltered we are. The fact that most people in our country is considered rich compared to the world is very telling. So just be thankful that you are here and not somewhere else.


    • Oh most definitely! And I think we shelter our girls far too much about what’s happening. We should be helping them learn about service to others, no matter where they are from! Because we ARE blessed!


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