Mythology Madness

Last weekend our Cadette Girl Scouts held their Mythology Madness campout. I think it was one of our most anticipated events of the year.

I’ll highlight a few of our favorite activities.

A Quest

The ancient Greeks certainly loved their quests. We spent much of our morning on a two-hour quest (aka hike) on new-to-us trails. Seeking the old trail markings and sticking to the overgrown trail was challenge enough for us…We didn’t add layers of clues on to it. Had we used known trails or campgrounds, we would have loved to add that element.

Trojan Horse Competition

One of our favorite activities of the weekend was our Trojan horse building competition. Our Cadettes took this quiet seriously and presented their “features” of their Trojan horses. Sadly, they were later filled with kindling “soldiers” as perhaps the most unique fire starter ever. Even better, the girls eulagized the horses. Life is never dull with them….

Seashell Jewelry

Earlier I had shared the directions for seashell necklaces that we had tested for the group, in honor of the Greek gods Poseidon and Aphrodite, who arose from the sea. It was a fantastic down-time activity for the girls.

Clay Creations

Finally! I used up my clay from when we made cartouches during the Playing the Past badge! This was my unexpected happy project. I brought along the tub as a just in case and the girls had a blast with free play. They made everything from vases to monsters.

Test Your Knowledge

Our girls loved playing this Greek mythology quiz deck I found when we visited the Parthenon this summer. It’s a 48-page deck of cards that dives into many myths, simple and more complex.

My Cadettes, who are all Percy Jackson fans, scrambled to play Greek trivia with this card deck, shouting out the answers to the group.


More Greek Mythology Adventures

We compiled pages of activities to help you plan an age-specific Mythology meeting or campout with your Junior or older troop, including matches to current Girl Scout badge requirements.

You can get our download here. Proceeds help support scouting adventures for our girls.

Other great resources for you:


  1. Is this a retired council’s own badge? If so, could you please point me in the direction of the requirements?


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