Games Around the World: Luta de Gallo from Brazil

Celebrate the Olympic spirit this week in a not-so-traditional way. Get hopping with this awesome children’s game from Brazil: Luta de Gallo.

Looking for some fun ideas to mix into our first meeting of the school year, I was inspired by Pack-n-Go Girls’ article on 9 cool things about Brazil. In it was tucked a treasure about a schoolyard game called Luta de galo.

Luta de gallo (or galo) is Portuguese for “fight of the roosters” and is a quick, easily adaptable game you can play outdoors or inside. It was a terrific way to burn off some energy mid-meeting and got plenty of giggles from scouts and siblings alike.

Luta de galo is a fun, quick children's game from Brazil that's great for outside or indoors.

Luta de gallo

You will need a bandana or rag for each child.

Each child participating needs one buddy. Unlike other games, partners are not teammates, but opponents.

Have each child tuck in (not tie!) the bandana into their belt or waistband – I suggested doing this like flag football flags.

To play: Cross right arm across their chest, and hold up left leg. Players must hop around one-legged and use their free arm to snatch their opponent’s handkerchief. If a child puts their left leg on the ground or unfolds their right arm, they’re out.

What other games or activities have you done to celebrate the Olympics or Brazil with your troop? Share your ideas below!



  1. […] 6. School children in Brazil also love to play games at recess such as cinco marias (jacks with stones), queimada (Dodge Ball), barra-bandeira (capture the flag), cabo-de-guerra (tug-of-war), or bola de gude (marbles). Another fun one is Luta de galo, which is Portuguese for “fight of the roosters.” Check out these instructions to try it out. […]


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