10 Tips for new Girl Scout Troop Co-Leaders

“Getting to know your parents will help you learn about hidden talents and resources available to you” … and 9 other ways to blossom as a new Girl Scout leader.

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Tips for Girl Scout Troop Co-LeadersBy Kenna C., Girl Scout Volunteer Troop Leader

Remember the morning your daughter said those sweet words, “Mom, I want to be in Girl Scouts”, or when your best friend texted, “Hey, come to this meeting with me so we can be Girl Scout co-leaders”.  We all have a story about how we got to that first meeting for perspective co-leaders and we all took that second step towards starting or joining a troop. Now you want to be the best Girl Scout leader you can be!

Here are 10 tips to help you in your first year as a Girl Scouts– NC Coastal Pines Troop Co-leader:

  1. Pick your team.

You and your co-leader(s) are going to be role models who plan and execute meetings, activities, sleep overs, and service projects. It’s a good idea to make sure you can work with this person. Our differences teach us how to use…

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