Games to Get to Know Each Other

Whether you’re helping a new girl in your troop or meeting two dozen new faces at day camp, knowing a few easy games to get to know each other is a helpful tool to have.


icebreaker-games.jpgName Game:

Group sits in a circle. The first person says her name, “I’m Sally.” The second person says the first person’s name and then her own, “You’re Sally; I’m Jane.” The third person repeats the names of the first two, then her own. The process continues around the circle until everyone has participated. The last person says everyone’s name. (For variation, add and adjective before each name, “Super Sally,”  “Jazzy Jane.”)

Just Like Me:

Stand in a circle with one person in the center. The person in the center announces something about herself (I have 1 brother, I have pet a horse, I play the drums, I hate spaghetti……). Anyone in the circle who is “just like her” has to move to another spot in the circle by moving within/across the inner circle (they cannot move behind/outside the circle. The girl in the middle takes a vacated spot.

Participants cannot take a place immediately next to where they stood. The last person without a spot is the next person in the center (if the person in the center fails to obtain a vacated spot, she is in the center again. If no one is “like her” she must come up with another statement.)



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