Get or Donate Cookies

Update: We collected enough donations for the girls to donate a box for every veteran on the Honor Flight in April 2018!

Our Cadette troop’s dreams:

  1. Going for Gold Award after we bridge this summer!
  2. Take a road trip. Last year, we traveled to Louisville to learn about aviation from the Kentucky Ninety Nines
  3. Hike. A lot.

Buy a box of Girl Scout cookies for our troops overseas

We also like to help our troops too. Our girls are frequent attendees at our local Honor Flight homecoming, went to the Dayton National Cemetery to place flags for Memorial Day, and collected boxes for every veteran attending the Honor Flight last April.

If you’d like to help our girls out, consider donating a box for our troops overseas. You can donate a box online by clicking on our troop link and scrolling to Donate Cookies.

When you donate boxes of cookies, you don’t pay extra for shipping, and you bring a bit of home to someone who’s giving their life for freedoms.

How to donate cookies to our military