Free Printable: Olympic Athlete Trading Cards

The 2016 Summer Olympics comes just in time for the start of the scouting year. It’s a great excuse to get outdoors with games, sample activities and foods from around the world and celebrate the beauty of the world’s people.

For Brownies, the Olympics is a great reason to work on their Girl Scout Fair Play badge. One of the ways to earn the Fair Play badge is to learn about female athletes. Enjoy this free printable so your Brownie Girl Scouts can make their own Olympic Athlete Trading Cards.

Free Printable: Olympic Athlete Trading Cards

Download your Olympic athlete trading card template today! Tomorrow, I’ll feature some of the 2016 U.S. athletes as part of the Multicultural Kids Blog series on the Olympics.


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Welcome to our Olympics for Kids series! The Olympics are a wonderful opportunity to teach kids about the world and explore cultures together.
Today, you can find more about other printables from various countries thanks to our participating bloggers:

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Don’t forget that you can also download our Summer Games Unit activity pack to learn more about the world and have fun during the Olympics.


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