Girl Sprouts for Preschoolers

Girl Sprouts: Girl Scouts for preschoolers and Pre-K girlsFor a couple of summers now, I’ve been bothering my sister about letting my niece come with me to day camp. She could attend the little brother and sister unit during the day and play with her aunt and cousins at night.

I will admit. I have an ulterior motive. I want my princess outdoors.

I love what the heart of Girl Scouts is about. And I want my niece to be as excited as my daughter is. That’s when, just on a fluke, I discovered her council offers Pre-K girls a “Girl Sprouts” program to get them excited, I just had to share.

The Girl Sprouts program is in actuality a small booklet that preschool girls can complete to earn a prize of a Girl Sprouts patch at the council store. It’s a low-key way to introduce the girls to the ideals of Girl Scouting (without the challenge of organizing meetings).

Live outside of the Memphis area? You can still download a Girl Sprouts booklet to share with preschool and Pre-K girls you know.

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  1. Some councils do not have this program yet. It would be nice to be able to just purchase the patches. This is supposed to be a national incentive. I wish all councils had started it. It is a great hook for getting kids and parents interested over the summer.


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