Random Acts of Kindness from Kids

Feb.17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day! It’s never too early to give or teach  kindness.  Here are some random acts of kindness your scouts can sneak in today or any day:

1. Hold the door open for someone.
2. Give a box of Girl Scout cookies to someone “just because.”
3. Write a note thanking your teacher or after school help.
4. Give compliments!
5. Smile.
6. Donate outgrown clothes or books.
7. Take treats to the fire or pumice station.
8. Read a book to a younger sibling.
9. Tell a (nice!) joke.
10. Pick up your toys without being asked.
11. Clean up dishes after dinner.
12. Do homework without being asked.
13. Make get well cards for the hospital.
14. Return carts at the store.
15. Call your grandparents!
16. Dry the slides in the park after it rains or the snow melts.
17. Bring in the neighbor’s trash cans.
18. Bring your teacher some new pencils, pens or dry erase makers.
19. Make a card for a soldier.
20. Tell a joke.
21. Collect old towels for the animal shelter.
22. Collect can goods for a local food pantry.
23. Help sometime carry bags.
24. Donate extra reusable bags to a food panty.
25. Hug a friend who had a bad day.

Random Acts of kindness ideas for scout troops

What other random (or not so random) acts of kindness have you done with your kids? Share your ideas below!



  1. Ooooh I didn’t know today was Random Acts of Kindness day!!! I will have to mark it down and remember for next year. Thanks for sharing and these are great tips!


  2. My son (16) loves to show kindness to strangers! It is such a joy to see HIM light up when his kindness touches someone! Great List- I will have to share it with him.

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  3. Excellent ideas. I especially like #16. There are plenty of days where I have forgotten to check, and wished someone had done this before my kids went down πŸ™‚

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  4. I love Random Acts of Kindness, and it is great that you included a list for children! This is a terrific idea. – Trish


  5. We were sick and missed Random Acts of Kindness Day. We are really trying to work on serving others as a family at least once each month. We are also working on kindness starting in our home. Kindness with siblings often comes last, but we are trying to change that!


  6. My little one is not old enough to do random acts yet, but it is my hope to get into the habit before she reaches that age so it comes naturally for her. I love that there is a day dedicated to this. It is such a good thing to be reminded to be intentional about sharing love and kindness. I will for sure be putting these into action!


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