[Review] DIY T-shirt Crafts

DIY T-Shirt Crafts - book review

When your T-shirt is worse for wear,  it doesn’t mean it’s time to actually stop wearing it.

As an avid upcycler, I was immediately drawn to Adrienne Surian’s book,
DIY T-Shirt Crafts: From Braided Bracelets to Floor Pillows, 50 Unexpected Ways to Recycle Your Old T-Shirts. I found it recently on our library shelf and knew had to comb it for ideas for our Girl Scout troop.

Most upcycle ideas for T-shirts involve strategic cutting for a new look or turning it into T-shirt “yarn” or a quick recycled bag. Surian’s book goes far beyond that, offering ideas for jewelry, scarves, embellishments and home items, all of which can be fashioned in under one hour. (I’m pulling this out for sure on those winter afternoons when my daughter and her bff work on the retired Art to Wear badge!)

DIY T-shirt Crafts is a must-read for troops of Juniors or older girls who enjoy creating or fashion and would be a great accompaniment to the Junior Jeweler badge. It’s available in paperback and for the Kindle.



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