Homemade Fleece Scarves: An Easy Scout Service Project

Fuzzy fleece scarves bring comfort on a cold winter day,  but for some it’s a comfort denied due to poverty.

You don’t even know how to sew to make a warm scarf for others in need this winter. Community groups ranging from Christmas gift programs to homeless shelters will gladly take warm scarves, hats and mittens to help others brave the winter.

A no-sew homemade fleece scarf is an easy, quick service project for girl scouts of all ages to do.

How to Save Money on Homemade Fleece Scarves

Our Girl Scout troop purchased clearance fleece blankets in the summer for the project,  though if you watch local fabric stores for sales,  you may be able to purchase fleece inexpensively.

Easy Way to Make No-Sew Scarves

You’ll want them to cut the scarves into pieces 12 inches wide by the desired length. The girls can personalize them by cutting fringe on the ends, tying knots at the ends or even using fleece scraps to tie bows at the end.No sew fleece scarf tutorial | service project

Hint: Have your girls line up the fabric on a flattened cardboard box and follow the folds in the cardboard for a straighter line! Those Amazon boxes can come in handy!

DIY no-sew fleece scarf. Easy service project for Girl Scouts.

Want to know what to do with all those scraps? Girl Guides of Canada shows what you can do with the leftover fleece.



  1. I make simple fleece infinity scarves and sell them in my Etsy shop, but the no-sew version is just as cute! Donating them is a GREAT idea, and this is simple enough to get anyone and everyone involved. Thanks for sharing these ideas!


  2. Great idea! I think we will do these in our homeschool in a few weeks when it starts getting cold here, and take them around the homeless people in our town.


  3. Hey, that is sew cool! Or should I say no-sew cool? If my daughter was still in scouts….. maybe I can suggest this to our youth leader to make for the homeless.


  4. I was a Spark leader for 13 years I love seeing GG stuff! I’ve been out of Guiding for 2.5 years now (had a baby) but can’t wait to get back into it again when she joins sparks in 2 years. This is a great craft for your unit to do and teach them about others.

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Bloggers Spotlight over the holidays, your pin was added to our group board. Check back next Thursday to see who was featured and link up again.


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