Cupcake Wars for the Time Crunched

Did you check out last night’s episode of Cake Wars featuring a Girl Scout theme?

It’s an easy meeting to pull off in a pinch.

While you can go all out on a large event for Cupcake Wars, with girls designing according to theme and building a display out of boxes,  you can also simplify it to a quick but fun addition to your meeting.

Recently, our troop had some girls who were bridging to Seniors visit us to share about their Bronze and Silver Awards. To break the ice,  we chose to pair the girls off with an older Girl Scout to form teams for our mini Cupcake Wars. It was a great ice breaker!


All we needed was two packages of cake mix (makes about 4 dozen cupcakes), lots of frosting,  and tons ranging from M&Ms to mini marshmallows to pretzel sticks.  I have to say the end result was quite creative!



Of course the girls got to enjoy some of their creations during the Silver and Bronze Award presentation,  but we also shared our custom cupcakes with the staff at the church where we meet and with the girls’ school to kick off the school year.

What other ways have you kicked off the school year in a low key way?  Share your ideas below!


  1. Looks like fun. My girls used to be g.s.
    My youngest and most of her scout sisters quit because of their “leader” who kept cancelling on them and then decided her idea of being a leader was to get books and assign homework and not actually have meetings….. All while the other troops were learning new things and doing fun activities.


    • So sorry to read this! I believe we all have different gifts, so maybe it was a question of her not having the resources to find and accomplish fun activities. I know of some leaders who, in wanting to do their best, rely heavily on the books as they are led to believe that is what they must do. As we all know we all learn and experience things in different ways, I’m a learning by doing kind of girl, so that’s how I lead my girls.


  2. What a great idea. I love getting kids involved in the kitchen. It’s a life skill too many don’t possess these days.


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